How to frame a GoPro shot?

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My client bought a GoPro 6 black for a project.  One section has the client doing a picture-in-picture narration over the action.  I'll need to Un-fisheye-the-footage (newbies:  this is an essential technical term) for this section to avoid Client-mega-nose-size-itus (newbies: this is your second essential technical term - there will be a quiz at the end of the presetation).

1. What setting in Hitfilm Pro creates the properly corrected flat field?

2. How to I frame the shot while shooting?  I'm not sure that there will be any sort of viewfinder device/app available during the shoot.


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    Effect you need is Action Camera Distort (or something similar) There's a toggle box you use to get it to go in the right direction and a drop down menu to select the Narrow, Medium or Wide range you set the camera at, although the GoPro 6 also has a Linear option for some speeds/resolutions, which might obviate the need to use this at all.

    Get the GoPro App on a phone and link that to the GoPro to see what it sees. Or you can get a USB to AV cable and plug into a small monitor - which is what people use when using GoPros on drones, where that signal is transmitted to a ground monitor.

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