Harry Potter Death Eater Effect?

A tutorial for a Harry Potter Death Eater effect would be awesome! I assume it'd probably be in the smoke simulation and color it black, but a full tutorial would be great! :)


  • CranialFans
    CranialFans Website User Posts: 92
    Yeah that would be cool. I thought about trying it on my video, but then it got to 3:30am and i needed some sleep! :-)
    I may give it a go next week.
  • AzulonsAssassin
    AzulonsAssassin Website User Posts: 109 Enthusiast
    edited August 2011
    Hey I made this tutorial on the FxHome website for visionlab, but I'm sure it could be translated over. this was for an old one, so I've updated it a bit. Add a "Blur:angle" to whichever is the opposite way your Death Eater is flying. (i.e. they fly up, the blur points down) Also, the textures are now:smoke_1, smoke_ball1, smoke_ball2, SoftSmoke_01, and SoftSmoke_05.
    Oh, and completely forget the part about the gausiion blur.

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