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Hey all, i dont normally have an issue but today i tried to animate a mask ontop of another layer..

Pretty sure i have done this 1000 times before and i set it to keyframe, move forward and move the mask and it animates the movement and records it. however it doesn't seem to allow me to .

Even when i move forward 5 frames, move the mask it doesn't register the the change / keyframe, any ideas ?


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    think ive got it, didn't realise i now needed to keyframe  its position, scale and rotation 

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    Yeah, it was 'improved'. No one asked for that of course,  and it's now much more awkward to use, which is possibly why no one was asked, because every sane person - or someone who'd actually used it for more than 5 minutes - would have said: "No thanks".  

    Welcome to having to do more steps to accomplish what you used to do very easily before.

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    I get that you're bitter about this, @Palacono, but to me it actually makes sense.  The Path property tracks changes to the actual path shape (i.e. when the points move), while the others track more general adjustments to the position, rotation, and/or scale of the path as a whole.

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    @Palacono it took a little mental adjustment to adapt to the newer controls, but I prefer the current system. As @jsbarrett says, it separates global adjustments to the masks from "detail" (individual node) work.

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    @jsbarrett @Triem23 You've really got better things to do with your time than reading the text below. I certainly have than writing it, but if bored...

    IMO it's not easier to use when you have to do more than you did before to achieve the same task. With no warning of the change.  Were people really crying out for this 'improvement'? Where are they? What exactly was their issue with it before? What tasks are now easier, or better, and in what way?

    Why not make it an Option (so many things could be options that aren't...why not?) for it to autocreate keyframes on the newly-relevant parameters that would be affected by whatever it was you did; scale, rotate, move, change shape etc.. If that annoys you: turn off the Option/delete the keyframes. But, consider this: why are you moving the mask/changing the shape? Is it more or less likely that you want keyframes created? So why doesn't it do that for you? If anyone had actually used it to roto something for more than 10 seconds of video they'd have realised it's a step backwards. It's basically saying: "The customer's time is not important to us."

    The thing that people have been complaining about: zero length handles on mask points that you accidentally created because you were moving the mouse just that teeny, tiny bit too fast (i.e not very fast at all), so Hitfilm decided that the point was going to have an infinitely small angle applied to it, is still broken. How can you tell? Are those points different colours? No. Shapes? No. Sizes? No.  Let it be a surprise... ;)

    First time you know about it is when you go to try and move one and you grab the handle that is right on top of the point and that moves instead. So you drag it out of the way and try again. But there is the second handle to contend with. Move that. Finally right click on the actual point, select 'Make Linear' and then you get the chance to move it. Repeat for several random other points that will be like this. It would only take the most feeble of programming skills to be able to check that: if a point has adjustment handles of zero ZERO! length, then you possibly, maybe, perhaps, of course! intended the point to be Linear. So why isn't that done? You were just in that bit of the code!

    And if the Path keyframes really are keyframes for the whole Shape now -after being told they were something 'special' before - can they be changed from Linear (why does it still have the confusing 'Constant' Square Icon on them? Change that?) to any other type of keyframe? So the shape can slowly or quickly morph from one keyframe to the next, with the ability to make changes with the Value Graph? That would actually be an improvement.

    It's the indifference to the knock-on effects to productivity that's becoming more and more pervasive with every release.  Disagree? Make the change an Option.

    Can you yet move the Anchor point for something without it moving the object itself? Couldn't you hold down CTRL when you move the screen indicator and have it move Anchor in one direction and Position in the other, so you keep the object in the same place? Useful when green-screening and scaling and set-extending, when you often want the axis of the object to be at the bottom so it sticks in place correctly. Isn't that one of the core uses for Hitfilm? Doing it manually will cause errors. As well as being a lot slower. It's not hard: actually use it for something, anything, find it wanting: fix it.  All the bugs I find are when I'm trying to actually achieve something. I don't generally randomly wiggle parameters around and have something break.

    It's like a chocolate Teapot. Looks nice, results are messy when you use it. Less chocolate in Hitfilm, please.

    Can you turn off the 'improved' circle dotty lines Effects Controls?  Yes. Options>Show Effect Controls. That's not File>Options>Show Effects Controls, BTW. That only works to turn them on. Once. At the beginning of  Project. Off doesn't work after that. Not that you would, because....see below.

    OK, turn them put some Lightning & Electricity on a Plane you can't move the ends. That option turned off all Effects Controls, so you can't go back to the simpler HF2017 look if you wanted to.

    "We know better!" strikes again. 

    Turn them on again. Nothing... (Maybe... Intermittent bug). Flip to Editor Tab and back. Phew! Control returns. Select another Effect. Nope, gone again. Flip Tabs again. Back again....and....yep, seems permanently on now.

    Did you watch the video at the end of the thread about bottlenecks?  Skip the (other) rant. 1m30s video.  Hitfilm Express Tracks the same shot, from the same project file 10x slower than Pro does. When it works, which is 50% of the time. I'd love to hear the reasons for this. I reported it in April for HF v7. I'd expected a simple: "Oops, cut'n'paste the same code from Pro to Express...fixed it!" on one of the several next releases. Masks got 'improved' instead. OK, that's done now. Maybe Cut'n'Paste for next release? We just had a tutorial involving tracking in 4K... Simon clearly didn't use Express for that one.

    Still waiting for the Resolution/Quality buttons/icons/indicators for Paused/Playback to appear on the Viewer margin; there is plenty of space. Or are you still enjoying telling people what the problem is? How many people don't even ask and just Uninstall the apparently "buggy, broken, poorly documented" Hitfilm Express, never to return?

    Still waiting for the RAM Preview option that allows to you choose whether it takes its settings from Paused or Playback (it's currently wrong. Disagree? Make it an Option?)

    I'm not using Hitfilm for anything very serious, so I can work around most things. Or go back to HF2017, where everything is faster, neater, simpler. But it has bugs that I'm hoping might get fixed in later versions. Some have, some new ones appear. Speed on a Grade Layer is newly broken.

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