Two Bugs Found, involving Invert and Masks

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OK. So this REALLY shouldn't be anyone's workflow. I came across this by accident it. 

Here's how I found it:

  1. I dropped a video that is purely black & white solids split in half in your composite. (Or any video with separated pure black & white, like an Ink Matte)
  2. Drop an Invert on it
  3. Now make THAT into a composite shot (Leave Effects Here)
  4. Go to Composite Shot 2
  5. Throw an Invert in the inside Composite Shot 2
  6. Go back to Composite Shot 1. Delete the invert in there.

Hitfilm crashes.

The crash is triggered only by videos that are like that, when tossed back and fourth between composites this way. With images, hitfilm handles it fine.


Masking Bug Found. 

Plane won't change colors after implementing a mask, except in the Media File. In the composite, it stays the same. I would have to delete the plane from the composite, then redrag it from the media box.

  1. Draw mask around plane.
  2. Right Click plane properties and change color of plane
  3. Change Color

Color doesn't change in composite, but does change in the media box.


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    The mask bug you found sounds similar to a bug the team squashed recently, though the original bug was with a non-masked plane. There's an easier fix than deleting the plane, though. Just change tabs. Switch to the Editor tab, then back to your comp, and the masked plane in the comp will update.

    For reporting bugs like these, it's best to submit these via the Support system. That way they can get logged and tracked more easily.

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    With the New Mocha 2019 HitFilm Pro only shows the Legacy Mocha VR plugin and controls are for Mocha VR but launches mocha 2019. Why is This ?

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