Imerge crashes when I select Chroma Key

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Trying to use the free trail version and today when I tried is keep on crashing....want to see if I like it before upgrading from FX8 to this...any reason why it fail when I click on chromakey?


  • rikkiloades
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    Hello @Michael2009.

    Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear you are having problems. The quickest way to resolve your problem is to contact our support team here:

    When you contact us it would be best to send three things. 

    The first thing would be your send your project file or describe what you were doing. How big was the canvas, how big were the images you were keying, what other layers and effects were involved.

    The second and third thing relates to diagnostics. With Imerge open press "Ctrl+Shift+D" on Windows or "Cmd+Shift+D" on Mac. You should see a dialog come up with two sections.

    1. Copy and paste the contents of the Diagnostics report from the dialog above into the ticket.
    2. At the bottom of the same dialog is a "Crash reports" section. Hit show files if it reports there are any. Then send us the latest 2-3 of these.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

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