New star wars film we made with hitfilm

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Hey hitfilm users! My name is Adam and my friends and I are making fan films and hopefully one day to become full fledged independent film makers.  iI was hoping anybody who is interested to look at our latest film which we used hitfilm to make.  Any feedback that is constructive would be most appreciated.  We have a couple more films planned for the next year and I can't wait to share them with you all!  Have a great day!  


Here is the video:





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    Put comments on YouTube, mostly I liked, of I'm harsh is day the dialogue was a bit slow with too many cuts. But what do I know. Keep up the good fight.

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     thank you so much, we are trying to get better with each video and will continue to make more!

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    Quick comment: if you put the YouTube video URL onto its own line (not as a link, but just as text), the forum will auto-embed the video into your post.  You won't see it until you've posted the comment, though, but it makes watching videos and commenting on them directly in the forum a tad easier.

    I tried watching this, but the spitting headache I've got combined with the narrative confusion I saw just in the first minute is prompting me to try again later.

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    Thanks for your input, It seems i cannot get that to work for the embedding. 

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     Did you set a thumbnail for it on your YouTube channel?  

    (BTW, the link above does not appear to be working.)


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    Make sure that there are no spaces in the URL. Here's the fixed embed:

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    I skimmed through this at x2 and skipped bits too, so no real insights, but the bit at 4m25s was a little confusing, even after I watched it back frame by frame.  They were 'Flynning' away like mad, then Guy A's lightsword breaks the end off? The end. Of a lightsword? This happened over 5 frames. Maybe 8 frames, but some were obscured by a giant flare. What did he do with the "handle"?

    Completely swapping camera sides at 4m22s, then back again at 4m25s didn't help, as well as the green lightswords turning transparent for several frames against the sky. Draw some on by hand for those frames. Mirror the clip that's the wrong way around; you'd probably get away with it.

    Then, rather than Guy B easily chopping Guy A in half with his twin swords, he manages to get himself disarmed (even though he could have stabbed Guy A in the back as he only grabbed one arm) and gets himself stabbed? Then he keeps on talking? He's already been stabbed once and run away, why is this any different? Plus, talking after half your insides have been fried is a bit unlikely. An arm or leg injury: maybe.

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    Thanks so much for posting this and welcome to the forums!

     Considering how many Star Wars related videos are posted on YouTube it takes a lot to stand above, but yours really does.

     The lightsaber effects are well put together, and whilst there's always room for improvement, what you've done works pretty well. The choreography clearly had a lot of time and work put into it plus the initial dialogue was really well recorded. The music cues seemed to hit at just the right moments too!

     Palacono definitely hit on something regarding the flipping of camera angles just after 4.20. Big ol' cinema sin right there! Also the dialogue during the fight felt slightly poorer quality than how it started off? Perhaps I'm just being a bit nitpicky =)

     Still, great work! How did you find using HitFilm on this?

     If you decide to make more of these, or something completely unrelated, I’d be really keen to see it, so please do post back here!

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    Great use of hit film , entertaining bit of work you must all be proud of it .  I think some color grading /Luts  etc bring it to life more.

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    I think you have done really well, congrats! I feel like you could lower the sound of the lightsabers around the 5 to 6 minute mark to make the voices a little easier to hear. Overall, very nice work and I am looking forward to seeing more!

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