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If there's one thing I've always wanted from PhotoKey, it's the ability to use a brush to mask (instead of or in addition to other masking).  I can be more precise this way, and even a brush which will help me sweep out artifacts from backgrounds (such as glitter from dancer's costumes and shadows that don't get properly keyed).  If I'm missing something, please enlighten me.  Otherwise, please add this to the wish list.


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    Hey @FXhomer264824. Welcome to the Imerge Pro support forums and thank you for your feedback.

    The ability to brush things is something  that is already on the wish list. It's complex to do well so might take us a bit of time but is something we think needs to be in Imerge at some point.

    You can use a vector mask to do draw a shape and remove the extra artefacts from the background you describe at the moment. One advantage of these is they remain editable and you can adjust it, rather than having to erase and repaint.

    You can have multiple masks and choose how they combine too. You can do some creative things when you combine multiple different mask types together.

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    How about adding a shadow to a subject when standing in the sun like you can in Photokey 8.  Is this on the wishlist somewhere?

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    Thanks for your feedback.

    We have made a note of user feedback on the Shadow Cast effect (previously discussed by some other users here:, and I'll add your voice to that.

    For now there are some tips on how you can achieve a more flexible version of this effect in that thread.

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