Sound design tutorial

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Made this video, would really like some feedback!


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    Nice work! Great points on the way that sound design can help make a video more engaging, and great examples as well.

  • Hictor
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    Excellent choice of topic & excellent ways to elaborate your points.

    From a narrative point of you view, I would advise that you look at your video again & see for yourself what elements you could have avoided repeating & what other stuff you could have done without.

    Today's quality principle in Social Media is always about how concise you are with the information you deliver. 

    To prove a point: 

    "Today, quality content on Social Media is concise information."

    Notice the difference between the sentences? Both the same meaning, one shorter & potentially more powerful then the other.

    If you can master this from a video perspective on all fronts, then you'll outclass the rest.

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    Hey @Jacob_Sct - pleased to see another one of your videos popping up on the forum! As I said before, you've really got the professional-look down! Maybe you'd want to create a thread just for your new content, so that over time we all have the opportunity to see how far you've progressed? It's something a lot of long-time forum users have done, to keep their work and feedback in one thread, and proves to be quite useful. 

  • @kirstieT How would I go about making a thread?

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    jacob, the same way you created this discussion in the first place. :-)

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    Not bad Jacob, although your message about the sounds is spot on, the sounds you used didn't really engage me, unless the idea was to have me think, 'what that sound does not seem right?' The Water for example was way to much choppy and didn't match the picture at all, also the bird wing flap was a nice touch and timed well, but didn't make sense as we were to far away to have such a sound, maybe tone it down a little.

    Sorry to sound negative and all, but feedback was requested.