Trying out Action Pro 0.4

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Here is a mostly organized list of what was encountered from trying out the 0.4 Demo version.

Feature ideas
See a fast preview of a recording.

Graph the value for a property on the timeline track.

Show how much recording time has been trimmed from each end of a track.

Show the animation path better. The viewport doesn't show depth well or what portion is past or future.


UI and Design weirdness
New recordings feel like they disappear when they go to the bottom of the asset list.

Can't see recording name or access track properties depending on length of recording and zoom level of timeline.

No clear UI for deleting, have to select and use keyboard.

When inserting a recording, each channel is a separate undo event. Deleting multiple tracks that have been selected have separate undo events.

Sometimes recordings can't be inserted when zoomed in, but works when zoomed out.

The process for using an axis properties with a different track isn't clear.

It is not clear that properties is only for selected recordings on the timeline and not recording assets.


Bugs and Issues
Recordings can be inserted multiple times over so that they are invisbly overlapping on the timeline.

A zero length recording can be made by undoing once after recording. Dragging it to the timeline will freeze the program.

When the free camera is rotated to the side, the scroll wheel doesn't move the camera as expected.

A longer recording can overlap a shorter recording when both ends are outside the shorter recording.

When inserting a recording between two recordings on the timeline, the 3D viewport doesn't update correctly to show the newly inserted portion.


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