Youtube channel looking for experienced Hitfilm user.

Hi all, we are in the process of setting up a new Youtube channel called Everything Goes Bang. I work in the Film and TV industry in Physical Special Effects as a Pyrotechnician and have just finished up on Game of Thrones Season 8. The channel will feature series, one offs and making offs, some factual but mostly fiction based around pyrotechnic mayhem, shootouts, car chases and explosions, first person shooter battles and the like.

Our first series we are currently testing on ia all set in a miniature post apocalyptic city that has been built in our workshop. All the effects will be practical but we need someone who can help with VFX elements-Green screen removal and compositing, tracking and monitor screen replacement, tracer fire, missile smoke, muzzle flashes etc.

We really need someone based around the south of England who can regularly visit the studio in Hampshire, unless of course there is someone a bit further afield that doesn't mind travelling, we can take care of travel costs within reason.

We can work out a deal for payment with the right person and this may not be a full time position but busier when we are shooting and in post production.I'm asking for users of Hitfilm as I am currently learning the software but am not sure if I can keep up with it and ALL the other stuff I am having to undertake. I am familiar with the basics and would like to continue with this software.

Hope this sounds of interest to someone out there !! Spread the word :)