Certification for Hitfilm Trainer? Also, Teamwork related stuff?

Hictor Posts: 378 Enthusiast

So, while studying for a totally different certification, it crossed my mind that I didn't quite see something like "Certified Hitfilm Coach" or anything of the sort in all the past three years I have been involved in Hitfilm.

Naturally, one can deduce that Hitfilm is still fairly young compared to other software giants. 

Does FXHome have plans to create this initiative where people can actually apply for certification? I think the sooner we have something like this, the greater the impact the software will have in the professional world.

Now, the second question I have, I feel may also question FXhome's long term vision on Hitfilm.

As of now, the software  seems to cater to Amateurs & Professionals alike, given the Express/Pro version and its hybrid nature of being a Motion Graphic/Editing software.

However, if I were to apply, say, for a video company or marketing agency that is looking for a professional for its video department, I would choose to highlight my experience in Adobe Cloud rather then FXhome, not for any reason other then that Adobe Cloud facilitates a sharing working environment, which is crucial for companies that work round the clock to produce Digital content in tight schedules.

Given Hitfilm's current status, the software feels like it's more catered towards independent content makers or professional/passionate filmers. But for an organizational team working environment, can we expect to see more?