A sofa for four

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Hi people, just to share the last video from a web serie that we are starting here in Brazil. Everything edited inside HitFilm Ultimate.
I like to convert the clips to a more smooth format and them sync the TascamDR-05 audio inside Hitfilm as a Composite shots, them edit those CP in the timeline. Credits are also done in HF.
Filmed with a Canon T3i using tchenicolor picture style. Audio edited in the Acoustica Standart edition.
I still need to add subtitles in english, sorry for that!
Hope you like:
A good detail why I like to edit in HF, its not so easy as a editor, but since you get the path you can do a good (really good job) without going to another software, importing and exporting things and in some shot I didnt noticed that the Shotgun microphone was in the scene and was pretty easy to mask it!


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