Make a COOL STARS background in 5 Minutes

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Hi guys (and girls!)

I've just uploaded a useful technique for improving the Starfield preset in the Fractal Noise effect.

I hope you'll enjoy this tip. 

Have a good day (weekend) and a new week!


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    AAVFX has some good ideas here for building off the fractal preset. I normally consider it bad form to stick my own tutorials in someone else's thread  but this one covers something like seven different ways to make starfields. Most would benefit from the techniques in AAVFX's video, and I think if AAVFX doesn't already know everything in my tutorial, he'll take these other techniques and run with them to make something really cool. 

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    Great tutorial, I'm no where near your tutoring voice.

    I made mine for *beginners* with a special tweak, tailored for non-experienced users.

    I try to keep it simple for the majority of the viewers, and making it in EXPRESS only version.

    The focus is on the streaks effect and the colorful look - All in 5 Minutes.

    My tutorial might be also suitable for people who don't know what HITFILM is.


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