Issue with Ignite Express on Windows 10 October 2018 update and Avid MC 2018.9

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First off since I'm running the free license I want to say thank you for providing such useful plug-ins!

Due to just running on grossly outdated versions of lots of software as well as OS, I've taken the plunge to reinstall everything with the goal of running as new and updated versions of everything, whenever possible. So far so good with most things. But one thing that has not worked was installing Ignite Express, trying both IgniteExpress2017_1.0.7110.12602_x64 and the older IgniteExpress2017_1.0.6613.12930_x64. 

It made it impossible to launch Avid Media Composer. It stalls on Initializing Plugin: IgniteCore.avx and then spews out an error about QuickTime not being installed (it is installed) as well as explaining that it is about to crash, before it then promptly crashes :)

Not clear if the issue is the brand new version of Windows 10 or if it's MC 2018.9. I have however found that if I navigate to the plugin folder in the Avid installation directory and select only a few plug-ins while tossing the others (in my case I saved Glow, Lightflares and NeonGlow) it sort of solved the issue. Which is enough for now since the project I tried opening only used the glow-plugin .

However it would be great to once more have access to the rest! Any ideas?

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