Action Pro 0.4 will be landing soon!

IamJoshuaDaviesIamJoshuaDavies StaffAdministrator Posts: 357 Staff

Hi everyone, 0.4 is now with the QA team and should be with you within a few days.

Here are the updates coming to this version:-

  • The 3D recording cursor in the viewer now directly maps to the mouse for a much more user-friendly input method
  • You can now import a background image to sketch over
  • Snapping has been improved on the timeline (no longer invalidates incorrectly)
  • You can multi-select items on the timeline by CTRL-clicking
  • You can multi-select items in the media bin by CTRL-clicking
  • The recording 3D line rendering has been improved
  • Changes have been made to the backend for some UI elements to make them work more predictably
  • The state of the cursor on the viewer when recording is now more evident
  • Values on the viewer should be correct
  • HiDPI / Retina displays on the Mac should now work
  • Pressing ESC work recording to cancel should now work better
  • The software should no longer launch into a blocking fullscreen

For version 0.5 (which should land later in October) we're aiming for a large UI update bringing us closer to the final look-and-feel of Action Pro 1.0.


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