Short Film: HOW MUCH

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This is our newly released short film, HOW MUCH. It is an animation and live action hybrid composited and edited entirely in HitFilm Pro 2017. I'd love you hear what you guys have to say! Let me know what you think!


  • DafterThingsDafterThings Website User Posts: 882 Enthusiast

    I think the voice acting and 2D work is great (except the hands... but nearly everybody struggles with hands). I like how the kid resembles the dad as well. The music is great as is the mix of live and animated.

    The story is good enough but, frankly, nothing new. 
    I don't mind open-ended stories but there wasn't much to make me believe anything other than Terry is deluded.

    From his reaction to 'How much?',  I wasn't sure of Jack's position. Maybe the wife and child walk in and Terry has found an electronic device, Jack makes a call saying "It's not enough", a look between Jack and the wife, the story ending with Terry saying to his wife "I know how I can prove it to you" and a single tear in the wife's eye with the boy looking hopefully at her. I think you can tell I don't know how I would end it 

    Don't let this take anything away from a great job. It certainly has me thinking


  • CleverTaglineCleverTagline Moderator Las Vegas, NVModerator, Website User, Ambassador, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 3,039 Ambassador

    Interesting piece. I think it's got some potential, and agree with @DafterThings on how its extreme open-ended-ness kind of hurts it. Unanswered questions are often good, but too many can leave the viewer without any way to connect to what's happening.

    Was this assembled completely in HitFilm? I don't recall seeing many folks doing full animation of 2D characters.  Granted it's a bit limited, but yours is the most extensive I've seen so far. Nice job!

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    50 seconds was my limit, so I'll never know. Actually wanted to click away at 35 seconds, but hung in there. Didn't get better, so...

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