Voice Artists required

In my down-time from filmmaking, I sometimes like to mess around in a piece of game creation software called Game Guru. It's an easy way to develop first person shooters with little to no coding experience. I've created a level I'd like to share with my friends over in the Game Guru forum but I need help finishing the game's intro cinematic. I'm looking for British voice artists to record a few lines to replace my temp dubbing of this intro video:

As you can hear, currently, I'm doing all the voices myself, but with just two or three people's help, I could rectify this. 

I'd also be very interested in Arabic-speaking voice artists / voice artists of Middle Eastern descent as there is a pivotal role within the game that I'd like to redub. 

PM me if interested!



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    I'm not normally one for using game-level tools to create films, but this captured my attention.  Nice work so far! I'll definitely watch the finished product when it's ready.

    FWIW The forum no longer supports private messaging, so you'll have to provide other contact info, unless you don't mind interested VO participants replying in this thread.