Shadow effect on keyed elements

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there was a shadow effect on Photokey to allow creation of a realistic shadow based on the subject that had been keyed out, there does not appear to be a similar function in this product that I can find, am I missing something or is it really missing?


  • AlastairBell
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    ignore me... its a documented missing feature... but please this is rather key to helping make realistic composites, no shadow means floating subjects...

  • Triem23
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    For now, for a simple drop shadow you can always duplicate the masked layer, use a color effect (Curves works) to drop the lower copy to all-black and offset the position. For something more like a cast shadow, add in a quad warp to the lower copy stretch the shadow in the desired direction.

  • rikkiloades
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    @AlastairBelll Extending what @Triem23 was saying. You could also use Color Overlay on the duplicated layer with black (or something close to that) and a blend mode and the opacity slider in that effect.

  • Proteas
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    Missing Shadow cast feature was something totally unimaginable and unexpected to me.

    If i knew it, i would not buy Imerge.. and the worse thing is.. i feel i will discover even more missed "necessities"...

    For now, it could be a good idea to finish the keying process in Imerge and then, to continue with Photokey.

    Time will show how practical it is.


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    We're sorry to hear you were disappointed not to find all of the features of PhotoKey in Imerge Pro.

    Imerge is a totally new and separate product to PhotoKey, and as such while there are many areas in which it is better (flexibility of unlimited layers,  many new or improved effects, non-destructive workflow, and performance to name a few), there are features which it doesn't have. Future updates may implement some of these features.

    It is only the first version of the product and we have a lot planned which we think will make a huge difference to most photographers, both event photographers and others. Imerge is being rapidly developed and by joining us at an early stage you have an opportunity to shape it's future; we appreciate all feedback you can give us.


    There is a demo available for Imerge Pro, as well as a full feature list, and a section in the manual which specifically addresses the differences with PhotoKey; I'd recommend anyone coming from PhotoKey has a look at all of these before buying.

  • Proteas
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    Thank you Daniel, i will keep sending you feedback when i have something to say, but your answer doesn't explain this important missing feature.

    Imerge is new, yes, but Shadow Cast is old and necessary.

    Anyway, since i was too busy lately to use Imerge long enough and i also didn't spent too much time on Photokey because it was so complex, i would expect a suggestion on HOW to use them both, in order to get 100% of their combined use.

    More specifically: If i want to work with an image, which steps should i follow? I own both: Imerge and Photokey.

    Should i bring my greenscreen image to Imerge first and then to save this Image as PNG, in order to continue with Photokey? The keying procedure was too complex for me in Photokey, but in Imerge it's very easy and is also has very good effects.

    Is there any way to combine both applications in order to get the best possible (combined) result?

    For example, is it possible to save an Imerge Project in such a way that it make it readable to Photokey, in order to continue there?

    I believe, Imerge should help us doing things easier and not to bring us more trouble. It's very frustrating to own 2 wonderful applications, when we can't make use of them. One is better here, one is better  there, but we need the features of both applications in order to get a complete result.

    This problem needs to be resolved as soon as possible.

    P.S. The full feature list and the differences with Photokey doesn't really help much. I read them before buying Imerge but they can't give me a clear view. Especially when someone is not experienced. A comparison would be much better (just as in the case of Corel (Paintshop, Videostudio etc), where you can see what's available and what is not, in multiple versions next to each other).

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