The Scroll of Morlok - A modern day silent horror film in the vein of “Nosferatu”

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Hey everyone!

I’ve not been a regular on these forums for nearly 10 years. I first started posting on the FXHome forums way back in 2004, when I was nothing more than well... an idiot kid! :)

Apologies for the rather shameless plug, but I figured if anyone would appreciate the VFX - shot all on green screen - wizardry in this project, it'd be all of you! A very dear friend of mine (along with the help of the legendary Conor O'Sullivan aka SERPENT - another FXHomer from yesteryear) have been working on a short film that is a mash-up of modern horror and the classic 1920s era silent films in the vein of "Nosferatu" and "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari". It’s called “The Scroll of Morlok”.

We've shot half of it already (the silent film portion) and used green screens and digital matte paintings to create the rather seamless effect of a movie from 100 years ago. We're now fundraising to raise money to shoot the modern component of the story on Indiegogo:

On this page you can find video examples of what we've achieved so far and what we hope to accomplish going forward. If you or anyone you know would be interested in donating, that'd be great. No pressure of course - even just sharing it with your friends... or better yet - suggesting outlets that I could share it with directly - would be phenomenal!

I did all the compositing myself - and it's a testament to the old FXHome days how much of those skills became second nature even after nearly a decade of not flexing those muscles regularly.

Glad to see this community still going strong. Can’t wait to see what everyone accomplishes here. Cheers


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    Great work! I think you really nailed the old style film look. While I unfortunately cannot contribute to the project, I hope to see the finished film once it's complete.

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