HitFilm on Linux ?

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Hello Team, 

Was wondering if HitFilm will come one day on Linux !
Well, windows uses and waist too much memory (in fact couple of times more resources than what Linux does) i've been using DaVinci Resolve 14 on Linux and it worked very well (never passed the splash screen on my windows installation on the same machine) but i'm not an Hollywodian film maker so i left where it is.

i mean, there is a real lack of good Video Editing/Compositing Software and sometime startup/birthing/growing studios don't have enough money to buy those monster machine and would invest in a decent machine then put the rest of money left into buying a good piece of software (thinking of HitFilm here) ... guys, if Resolve made it, really! you can !

come on guys; bring us HitFilm on Linux so we can improve and make things really good ... just tired of tools that uses too much resource even if we keep it as the only software installed in the box.

Blessings !