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So I'm a student who's been making films for a little while now, and I try to be careful and intentional while filming. Still, I haven't been too good with color I feel, and would love some tips that you guys have found. I'm on Hitfilm 4 Pro, but advice from any verson would be useful!

On this film, I worked with a colorist for the first time. He is a commercial and branded content colorist, and this was his first time doing narrative film. I believe he used Resolve but I think msot of these things apply across all platforms: 

This is a recent One-Take film that I made, which obviosuly caused some different issues with color. I did it myself, in Hitfilm. 

These films are technically done, but for next time, I'd still love advise on improving these.


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    (Only looked at the first, so far)

    I'm no seasoned colorist. In fact, I would be the last to ever call my an expert (I should also note that I'm color blind!)

    But my personal take on what you've provided us is that you need to invest a lot in lightning. Not budget or equipment per say, but knowledge; what lighting does to set the mood and feel of a story if you can imagine a world without any colorists involved in filming.

    I sense that you do have a feel for it, but from initial probing, I think you rely too heavily on the ambiance. This is not to go on a tirade and tell you buy this and buy that; lighting can be cheap for those are willing to get inventive.

    My second advice would be to consider how you can involve camera movements in telling a story; even if you're not a person who can necessarily afford shoulder rigs and all the good motor stuff. The power of handheld and attaching cameras to certain anchors via DIY still go largely underestimated. Your film, i feel was stifled by heavy reliance on a tripod.

    I neglect to say this, because this leans towards what equipment you have, but you need to apply some depth of field.

    Colorists are cherry placers. The people who decorate your cake! The more you have your cake done right, the more their work will shine! 

    I honestly feel that the coloring was a tad dark; gives the impression that camera isn't that great with lighting, so the colorists didn't want to bring in noise by exposing the footage. But that can be fixed! In FILMING! With better lights!

    And those are my two cents.

    Forgive me if I came across as presumptuous.

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