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I hope someone can help me out of this misery. I been struggling with this problem for a while and i can't figure out what exactly is causing it. I hope giving all the information i can get and i think is relevant will hold a clue for you guys.

My goal is as follows: Making time-lapse video's out of mp4-video's of my process of making digital drawings in photoshop (e.g: Now with smaller files i have smaller problems, with bigger files i have bigger problems, sounds logical.

What i mean to do:
- I load the mp4-files i want to edit, the footage is anywhere between 3 hours and 15 hours.
- I speed them up by anywhere between 1000% to 10000% depending on the size and goal.
- Then(than?) i remove the pauses i took or mistakes i made which still happen to be visible on this speed.
- Add music, an intro, an outro, some fades
- Export.

The problem:
- What happens is this: I open a new file, and start loading the content. No matter how big the size, it takes ages, up to 20 minutes. Some take longer then others. If i try to do anything within the program the program turns gray and acts as if it's frozen after which i'm prompted with the choice to close Hitfilm or to wait. When i do the last the screen remains gray-ish and after a while starts working again. The files then seem loaded (a thumbnail is visible alongside the files).
- With some of the bigger files the program freezes again like above, only shorter, when i try to move the file to the timeline. (With other words: It seems to try and load the file i try to put on the timeline again).
- On rarer occations, when i finally managed to put all the content on the timeline and speeded it up so it won't be any longer then 11 minutes, it freezes again when i try to move my timeline from left to right to a section which is not visible on my computerscreen. This only happened on my video of 15 hours. I decreased the size to alittle less then 10 minutes, tried to move further up my timeline without editing anything and it said 'nope'. After a half an hour waiting i just gave up.

The screen recorder:
I use OBS-studio, only filming the content of the photoshop screen, regardless the size or visibility of the program. The settings are as follows: (hoping i translate everything properly)
- Baseresolution: 1920x1080
- Output resolution: 1280x720
- Resolution reduction filter: Bicubic (sharper scaling, 16 samples)
- Usual FPS-values: 30 fps
- Outputmode: Simple
- Video bitrate: 2500
- Encoder: Software (x264)
- Audio bitrate: 64 (lowest setting, i don't use sound, i add music later)
- Recording quality: Indistinguishable quality, big filesize
- Recordingformat: MP4
- Encoder: Software (x264)

Hitfilm express 2017 settings:
Template: 1080p Full HD @ 29,97 fps
Width: 1920pixels
Height: 1080 pixels
Frame rate: 29,97
Aspect ratio: Square pixels (1.0)

Audio: 48000 Hz

Rendering: 4x MSAA
Shadow map size: 2048 pixels

Intel Core i7 3930K CPU @3.20GHz
Ram: 16GB
Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050 TI 4GB OC
64 bits windows 10
I have an SSD (Samsung SSD 850 EVO 250GB) on which i have my windows and Hitfilm express installed, This SSD had 1/3rd of it's space free.
The files come from the HDD and are exported to the HDD when done. (ST3000DM001-9YN166)

I hope anyone can give me a clue of what is going wrong cause it's really driving me crazy, cause barring the issues, i just love the program.

Thanks for your time!


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    No NLE, Hitfilm included, likes multi hour video files. For stable operation you will need to use your transcoder of choice to split your original video into, say, 15 minute chunks.

    When video files are loaded into Hitfilm certain cache files are built. For the majority of clips - seconds to a few minutes  this is a fast process. For 15 hours of clips, this is just going to take a long time. 

    Otherwise  since you're already speeding things up at least 1000%, why not record at 3fps? That would mean your source file is already at 1000%, and would greatly reduce the size of your source files making them easier for Hitfilm to deal with. 3 fps might even solve the cache issues for shorter files. A three hour recording (180 min) effectively becomes an 18 minute video. 

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    Thanks for the answer! The video's are already in chunks, but chunks from several hours (2 or 3 usually) but had no idea they had to be even smaller. That makes sense.

    Yesterday i tried to set OBS to 1 fps, this didn't seem to work out, i had to change the fps options from 'usual fps values' to 'whole number fps values' because the first doesnt go lower then 10 fps. Only when i watched the 1 fps version it showed the whole video in realtime with 1 fps, filesize is indeed smaller, but it seemed to not have filmed some seconds every now and then (as if the video froze). Really odd, not sure what to make of it. I will try it with 3fps later today! I just wonder how i can automatically change the file-length so it becomes a time-lapse even before i load it into Hitfilm? (So it doesn't actually show 1 fps, but rather 30, but on high speed)

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    I'm a little wiser by now: OBS can't make time-lapse video's, thats why 1 fps will show as 1 fps, you can't output it to 30 fps or anything. I tried to find another free program which will do the timelapse for me, but none of these suit my needs sadly.

    So now i wonder, other then pausing the recording every 15 minutes (which i'm bound to forget when drawing) is there some sort of program which will convert the 1 (or 3 of whatever) fps video into a 30+ fps video with just one click? I know hitfilm can do this too simply by speeding up and saving the file into a hitfilm file, but as hitfilm has trouble loading these files it obviously poses a problem.


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