How to label MicroSD cards?

I keep my movies and others' movies on microSD cards to watch on my tablet and show people sometimes. 

But the surface of the card is so small, it's impossible to label all the videos that are on it. 

How do you people do it?

These cards are great because they take so little space, unlike those 10 foot tall 35mm film reels.  Thank goodness.  But yeah, with almost microscopic size comes no surface to write on.  What to do??! 


  • Palacono
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  • tddavis
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    @Mooikasteel  on my old VHS library I created a numbering system A0 to A9,  same for the other letters and labeled the tapes that way and made a list in Word that had the contents of each listed in detail.  Being just tad OCD, I also tried to make a theme to each tape so they were similar or related contents.  Then I woukd look over the list to find the movie I was searching for and go to the appropriate Tape drawer.

  • Mooikasteel
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    An entirely seperate system just to keep book of what goes onto each card? 

    I was afraid someone would say that. 

    Well thank you @tddavis, I suppose if that's the only way, that's the only way.  I thought by now there might have been some innovative magic way of doing it that wouldn't be so far removed from the actual SD cards themselves, but alas, no.  

    I'll just create something.  A pocket sized notebook with a sellutape pouch for the card, so it can be stuck right onto the same page as the information about what's on the card.  Maybe with a sawed off pencil to fit inside a sellutape latch on the spine of the bookie.  Eureka, I'm a genius.

    Well that solved that one.  As they say, the solutions to all your problems are within yourself.  

    Cheers yo!  Thanks for the inspiration.    

  • BobDiMarzio
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    Micro SD cards are the same size as my pinky fingernail.   If one was to place a label on a card, there is a good chance that they would get stuck in the reader.    A truly industrious user would be able to use a fine tip sharpie and employ @tddavis method.

  • FilmSensei
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    I would put it in a miniature zip lock bag and label the bag with a sharpie pen. Perhaps something like this...

  • Mooikasteel
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    The inch by inch bag thing is interesting.  Then I just need something like a micro album folder thingy to keep all the bags together. 

    Thanks for the suggestions. We're slowly getting there. 

  • Palacono
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    Micro SD cards often come in a small holder/box along with the full-sized SD card adapter.  I keep mine in those so I can't lose them. If bothered: paint/tippex a number on the cards, then on a sticker on the little boxes lids, then inside include a piece of paper with some text on it on the underside of the lid. You could write quite a lot on the 1"x1" or more space you have available. Or write on a small piece of paper in the space the Adapter goes if you're not using the adapter, or on a piece of paper stuck on the outside of the lid - don't forget to put the number in the corner too.

    Make sure the correct Micro SD goes in the correct box, then put all those in something suitable to carry around and you're done.

  • Aladdin4d
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  • Mooikasteel
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    Thanks for the advice, creatures!

    So far I got inch by inch ziplock bags and those sticky sticker labels that fit on them, and a soap sized plastic box to keep them all in.  Haven't gotten around to execute the plan with the aforementioned items, but should soon when I have time to work on my hand sized video library.

    Then I can travel around with all my movies safely in a soap sized box.  It shall be grand.   



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