DSLR external monitor issue

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When you connect a monitor to a canon DSLR the screen on the LCD goes blank in favor of the monitor. I've seen once before where a DP used a monitor on top of the camera while also shooting the video to a computer monitor for the director, but I can't figure out how that's done. 

Would anyone happen to know how to do this? 


  • Triem23
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    Canons typically turn off the lcd in favor of an external monitor  

    The DP sending video to the director was using a monitor that had a "loop out" port to send to a second monitor  This is entirely dependent on the monitor you use. There's not a trick or hack involved. If your external monitor doesn't have loop out, you will be unable to send signal to a second monitor. 

  • twhitworth
    twhitworth Website User Posts: 119

    Good to know, will check for that thanks!

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