Easily remove blank space

I'm doing a timelapse video, and what I do is that I import several clips, put them on the timeline and then change the speed.

Now, I end up with a bunch of clips separated by blank space, what is the easiest way to remove that blank space?

So far, I do that manually but it's tedious and time-consuming.



  • Palacono
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    Right click on the gaps and select Remove Gaps or something. Can't remember exactly and not got Hitfilm open, but it'll be obvious enough when you do it.

  • Toack
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    That was like the first thing I tried to find but I'll check again when I get home to see if I missed it.

  • Cervier
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    It's "Ripple Delete Gap".

    I believe I remember seeing all gaps be "collapsed" at once, but my memory is bad and I can't guarantee this is a true memory, and not a wish ;)

    Anyway, you can't select multiple gaps, but you can select multiple clips and delete those. So if there is a large amount of gaps and you don't feel like right-clicking/selectin the option/ left-clicking that number of times, here's a way that might not be a lot quicker but that I find clean and somehow oddly satisfying:

    - select all the clips that are separated by the gaps you want to remove (this is done in one move of your mouse: left-click, drag above the clips, let go) and move them up one video track.

    - on the now empty video track, drop whatever media you want, but just the video part (hold the ALT key while drag-and-dropping the media onto the timeline). Using the "Rate Stretch Tool", make it as long as your series of clips.

    - select again your clips from the track above (in one move of the mouse) and put them back onto their original track. This will fill the gaps with the "dummy" media you had put there.

    - Deselect the clips, and holding the CTRL key, select every "dummy" clip by right-clicking on it. They are easy to spot because they are above gaps on the audio track.

    - Once you're done, right-click, select "Ripple Delete Object"... et voilà :)

  • Toack
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    That is not what I wanted but gave me a solution that is less complicated than my previous one.

  • fxhomer73233
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    I have the same question and wish someone would give a simpler step by step process to this.  This is my second editor that I'm trying to use and so far, this is getting ridiculous.

  • Triem23
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    1) Next time please create a new thread rather than posting in four different threads that are several years old. 

    2) Tell us your issue, do NOT say "I have the same issue." You don't have the same issue. This thread is about closing gaps in videos after changing the speed of the clip. Your issue is about placing photos on the timeline and changing duration. These are not the same.

    3) In the File>Options>General Menu at the top left of the interface you'll find a setting for "Plane/Image Default Duration." It's probably at 150 frames. That's five seconds at 30fps, two and a half seconds at 60fps, etc. If you know how long you want your photos to be you can set this value to the correct duration and not have any resizing or gapping at all. ?

    3a) and THAT'S why your question isn't actually the same as the question in this thread.

    4) Nope, still no "Close All Gaps" command. 

  • arsenhere
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    Triem you kinda sound mad

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