How to Render Previews Like premier pro?

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Hello all! 

i am new to Hitfilm, been using the the 12 day trail version, and while i love most of what the program offers, i ran into one MAJOR problem, and the only 3 things i know regarding speeding up the editor's playback are

a) Make Proxies

b) RAM previews (which are not available for the editor)

c)set lower playback settings

making proxies is not an option for me unfortunately, because in most projects i deal with 2 dozen video files each roughly being in the 70  to 120 GB in size (per file), in total all my video files in any project can be 1 to 2 terabytes if not more in size, making proxies would take like a freaking DAY!  and factoring all the color correcting and effects i normally apply, playback on my computer is virtually none existent 

this is not a problem in premier pro, because i could simply render my time line using the "Render in and out" in the Sequence menu (takes about a minute or two to render), and i was just wondering if hitfilm has something equivalent to that, because if it does then i'll finally have a reason NOT to give Adobe my money every month. 

also i have all the playback settings set to there lowest options (fastest, quarter ...etc)

my specs

i7 8700k


GTX  1080

2TB SSD for all my editing work, while my main OS drive is a 1TB SSD, and all my footage is stored in a regular hard drive, i always import whatever footage i'll use into my editing hard drive. 



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