New Update Reinterlacing Footage?

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Anyone else had this issue?

I invested hours into converted footage into MP4 format, and made a specific point to make sure it was deinterlaced. In the older version of Hitfilm Express, it was absolutely fine. However, at the beginning of one specific clip, there would be the slightest pause, like it wanted to freeze or glitch. Totally fine on all other clips, and no matter how I tweaked, lengthened, or shortened, it always froze on that clip.

So I updated Express, hoping the issue was an older version. It still does that, but now I have an much, much bigger issue. My meticulously deinterlaced footage, which is fine paused, suddenly looked super janky and interlaced after the update when played in the trimmer or viewer. Nothing changed except the update, and the footage is BluRay rips, totally fine and pristine when played in other mediums. I've spent hours getting this footage decent, and am ready to rip my hair out. Using the Hitfilm effect of Deinterlace does absolutely nothing. I don't know what it did or why, but if I need to go back to the old version, I will to avoid this complete nightmare.

Anyone have any ideas?


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    OK, since I was desperate and poking around in all the corners, because it was affecting all my projects, I found the solution. It's quite silly, but I figure if someone else is panicking like I was, you can find the solution faster. In the Viewer, go to Options in the top right corner. I don't know what it was about the update that changed this, but change the Playback Resolution to Full.

    Peace reigns once again. However, that odd little skipping glitch still persists. Can't have everything, can we?

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    @Two to Tango  :)  I was just about to answer your first post with the info about that very common issue since the latest version added those settings when I saw your 2nd post.  Glad you got it all figured out.  Even after helping point this  feature out to several others, it almost got me too.  :)  It's so easy to forget about them then end up scratching your head when stuff looks off.

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