Feature suggestion: Making rectangles, polygons, circles, ellipses... but not with planes

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I very often use planes and masks to make different geometric forms with different sizes and colours. There are two problems with that:
—it makes a lot of planes in the media library,
—when we duplicate them we can’t change the colour or size because this is an instance of the first one.

I would like to suggest adding a very simple tool that allows one to create simple forms that are objects relative to a composite shot, not in the media library. One for rectangles (with specific width, height, colour, not based on scale in %), one for circles (diameter, center point, colour), one for polygons (freehand like masks, but a list of point we can specifically set would be nice, colour) and ellipses (freehand like masks, but again changing the points’ position and radius would be nice, colour).

Then copying (not duplicating) these objects would be independent and one could change the colour and size without affecting the previous one.

This simple feature would be great to help make simple animations and graphics in 2D.

Best regards.


  • FilmSenseiFilmSensei Moderator, Website User, Ambassador Posts: 2,297 Ambassador

    @aleclerc One thing you can consider is using the same plane from the media bin over and over again and simply putting a fill color effect on it to change the color in your composite shot.

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    Yes, but you can’t change the size without impacting all the other planes, or the colour. You find yourself with a lot of planes in the media library. Also, you can’t quickly copy paste existing material and simply change the width or height or both, or only the colour. (And picking the colour goes faster than applying colour effects.)

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    Feature requests should go here:


    After reading both your suggestions  my guess is they aren't going to happen. You're asking  in both cases, for entirely new container systems.

    In one you're asking for a new container (text embedded at the comp shot properties) that somehow links to animations and effects on layers. These text objects STILL have to be assigned to a layer (for composite order) so you're asking for a lot of complicated work, effectively adding a third text system to the software, to effectively not switch layers to change contents of a text layer. I just don't think this is going to happen.

    For vector shapes... Actually useful  and something I wouldn't mind, but asking for said vector shapes to not appear in the media bin? What if I wanted to reuse a shape? Instead of dragging from the media bin  I'd have to navigate to the original shape layer and copy/paste. You're basically breaking current Hitfilm workflow for zero benefit. It's the same amount of steps to create a new object with a new color as it is to change color of an existing object with Fill Color. Film Sensei has really given you best advice. 

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    Well, I understand your point about the media library. But right now, the only thing you see are coloured squares all the same. The only differentiation is the name. It would at least be useful to see the object. I realize the usefulness of having objects already available for reuse. But I do not do so frequently. There is often a difference in size or colour. And using a filter to change the colour or size ratio to adjust the size is really not handy in many cases where typing numbers in is much more accurate and faster.

    So yes, vector drawing would be nice. But the problem I still see right now is the duplicate one: there is no solution to “copy” an existing objet instead of duplicating it. In fact, maybe this should be the real suggestion then. Being able to copy instead of duplicating. So one could change only the size, or the colour, starting from an existing object. Then the other effects would still be there.

    Best regards.

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