Imerge 1.1 update now live!

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Since the launch of Imerge Pro we've received loads of feedback - this update provides a mixture of resolutions to user-reported issues, bug fixes and user interface improvements. When a new update is launched you will always be able to see the features and fixes here and download the update from the same page or by launching Imerge Pro and following the prompt.


  • Enhanced spinbox number inputs to support mouse drags changing the value.
  • Canvas controls will now disappear when editing effects which do not need them.
  • Mask and Effect mode changes are now undo-able.
  • All font settings are now remembered when adjusted and used for new text layers.
  • Improved installer with clearer information about OS and hardware requirements.
  • Added information about OS and hardware requirements to installer.


  • Color pickers now close when you click outside them.
  • Improved behavior when importing multiple images and one import fails.
  • Improved the behavior of Effect search when using partial matches.
  • Improved compatibility in LUT effect with cube files.
  • Improved visual quality of LUT effect.
  • Improved performance when manipulating masks on a layer with lots of effects.
  • Improved user interface for the color selection tool.
  • Improved automatic image relinking.
  • Improved render of Quad Warp effect.
  • Improved compatibility with JPEG files which were corrupt but still readable.
  • Improved behaviour when an image cache directory cannot be created.
  • When adding points in the Curves effect they now appear as soon as the mouse is clicked and not when the button is released.
  • Improved application startup speed in some cases.


  • Fixed issue with layer resize handles not appearing consistently when pressing shift.
  • Fixed issue where the canvas did not update occasionally on systems with Intel HD graphics.
  • Fixed an issue where layers moved around by a pixel as you zoomed in and out.
  • Fixed an issue where the layer item thumbnail sometimes displayed the wrong image.
  • Fixed various minor UI issues.

Imerge Pro is in a constant state of development and this is heavily based on the feedback we get from you, the users. We highly encourage you to provide us with any feedback, critique or suggestions you can so that we can make Imerge Pro the best it can be.


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