Can you save a Comp shot as a temp

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I am starting to make Titles for my Video. Is there anyway I can save the comp shot i use so i can use it on differerent videos but add different shots and effect that are relivent to the videos.




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    Right click on the Composite Shot in Media Panel and Save as... You can't have any nested Composite Shots in the one you want to export.

    Or, just keep your original project file, and when you start a new one, import the old project as Composite Shot. You will see a dialog screen with a list of all Composite Shots from the original project. Uncheck whatever you don't need and import.

    I rather prefer to save reusable Composite Shots as separate Hitfilm .hsfc files for more convenient access in the future (to avoid excessive clicking: when you export project with for instance 100 Composite Shots and you need only one of them, you will have to do a lot of clicking to uncheck all unnecessary ones).

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