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Okay, here is a blast from the past. I have a couple of old laptops at home which I only just turned on after a few years. I noticed one of them was installed with VisionLab Studio (along with EffectsLab & CompositeLab). Dang, they sure bring back great memories when I first started out tinkering with VFX.

As I still had the original software, I thought I'd try and install them on my newer computer on which I have Hitfilm installed (the one where I do all my VFX now). But alas........something's not quite right :(. Whilst it loads and runs............I can't seem to load video media into it (well, it loads, but am unable to edit VFX with it). I even try converting the media into various formats that CompositeLab likes such as AVIs and MOVs, but still nothing seems to work.

I've tried tweaking the Compatibility Mode thing to emulate older Windows systems, but still nothing works. It may of course be that I don't have the right Codecs installed or something, but I'm not really too savvy about those things. So my question there anyway to get CompositeLab to run on my new 64bit Windows 10 modern PC?

Granted, Hitfilm has many more features (more dazzling than it's predecessor), but for nostalgia's sake, there are some minor features that I'd like to play with again :). Oh...I can still run it on my old laptop.....but for the sake of ease and convenience, I'd like to run all my programs on my newer PC.

Any ideas?


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    Works perfectly for me on Win7 until 2 months ago when I reinstalled windows and now I can't find where I downloaded VisionLab Studio.  My account on which I purchased it will not let me log in.  It also doesn't send me the password reset email, even when I request it.  

    If your video files load into VisionLab studio (AVI and MOV only), then just check that all the green "enable" thingies are on that should be on and such and such.  What do you see in your monitor window?  

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    Hey thanks for the reply :) Once I load an AVI or MOV, it either is just a blank (black) screen......or just the first frame of the video is shown....OR......the whole video seems to be on the timeline, but only the first frame displays, even if I scroll through the whole timeline.

    I can still normally add effects etc.......but of course that is useless without the video playing normally. As I mentioned before, my old laptop which runs Windows 7 functions normally, albeit a little slower.

    Strange :(

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    No idea.  Maybe it takes too much memory.  Remember that you can change the memory usage in the menus in VisionLab Studio, but when you set it I think it will only use that setting the next time you start VisionLab Studio.

    Unfortunately I can't start VisionLab Studio to be more specific, because as mentioned previously I don't have it anymore.  

    But it was a fine piece of software to be sure.  Used it for photoshop type work too with the masks and filters and all.  Good times.   



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    Thanks for that mate! Yes, I'll continue to tinker with it in my spare time :)

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    If you're having difficulty logging into another account, please send us the email address of that account via Support, and we'll take a look to see why you're not getting those reset emails.

    Apologies for the thread bump!

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