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Hey all,

We know you’ve been waiting, and wondering, about Action Pro. We’ve been paying close attention to the feedback we’ve been getting on the forums and via support about the beta.

In 2018, HitFilm Pro has become far more popular than we could have ever expected, and as a result our development team (who are multi-talented and work across our product lines) became stretched. We are still a small company, and we weren’t able to put as much development into Action Pro’s beta as we would have liked. We know that this isn’t good enough, and we’ve taken steps to ensure that Action Pro now has dedicated effort being put in the updates.

Action Pro will be getting an update in the next 2 weeks, and from then you will see more consistency with updates. To make sure that you (our loyal Action user) have the chance to benefit from that, we are giving you an additional 6 months of updates, for free. You’ll see this in your account closer to your 12 month expiry date.

Action Pro is a passion project for FXhome, and we’re really excited to see what you all think of our new updates and ideas over the next few months. Please do keep offering your feedback on the forum - you’re still a small userbase and so you have more chance than ever to truly affect the way that the software progresses.

As ever, thanks for your support,

Kirstie and the rest of the FXhome team. 


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