Help please! I need to recover my lost project!

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I just finished editing a stop motion type video, and the program crashed. I went back into the program and it said"would you like to recover unsaved project?" I clicked yes, and it led me to put it's destination into my files and then open the file. But when I went to open the file, it said the contents were unreadable. I know it might have been my laptop, because I was editing pretty heavy and the program slowed down and froze a lot while I was in the process of editing. I went to the previous save of the project I had been working on, but it had only saved right at the beginning, meaning I would have to start all over. I would like a solution because I worked on this  project for the last 4 hours with no breaks, and this crash has led to a lot of tears already.

I use a dell laptop with currently 336 gb of free storage. I'm not sure if that's useful info, as i have no idea when it comes to the actual makeup of the computer. I also don't know where the auto save folder is in the program or if there even is one at the time. Any help is appreciated.


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    I suggest contacting Support directly and sending your corrupted project file to see if it can be recovered. Forum users (including mods) are just fellow HitFilm users, except for the few with the "Staff" label next to their name when they post. Even there, though, they will need your file, so it's best to start a support ticket.

    Re: the auto-save folder, that feature only keeps backups until your next successful save, at which point the backups are deleted and new backups created until the next save, and so on. Because your crash likely occurred before a save, the auto-save folder might contain some files, but there's no guarantee.  Start a new project in HitFilm, then open the preferences and look in the Auto Save settings section, which will show you the path for the auto-save folder.

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    Alrighty thank you! I will do so.

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    Bear in mind the original file is probably gone. Auto-save or not it's possible to lose a project entirely, not only in Hitfilm  (for example  if the crash happens during auto-saving itself) but in any NLE (I've had it happen). You really should be saving manually on a fairly regular basis, and, even better Saving and "Saving As" to two files. I even stuck "Ctrl+S" on a mouse button for that.

    Otherwise  as Jsbarret stated in the File>Options menu you can find the location of the Auto-save folder. If a crash occurs and Hitfilm offers an auto-save file when the file explorer comes up, you should be saving the auto-save under a new file name. Based on your description it sounds like Hitfilm might have crashed during auto-save, then you saved the auto-save over your main project  thus replacing it with a corrupted auto-save.

    I truly hope I'm wrong and support can recover your project  but, for future reference, save early, save often, save two files.

    Most studios would literally save to a new file name at least twice a day, if not every hour or so (something like ">project name<>time/day saved<") to be able to revert to (example) last Thursday's cut if the director wanted to change things again. As home users we don't have to go that far, but double backups should be done. Just in case. 

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