Black Bars below,above, left AND right

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So I've recorden some game footage in 16:10 so it had those black bars above and below. Then I editet it in Hitfilm (I tried to place the text in an exact location in the video, and the text doesnt move with the video). For some reason I have those black bars now left and right, too? Have I accidentally pressed something? Is there a way to cut them out, so video goes back to only top & bottom bars?


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    If I get you right, you played on a computer with a 16:10 ratio screen (e.g. 1920x1200 pixels), on which your game was output as 16:9 (e.g. 1920x1080), hence black bars above and below. So the screen capture file you got was 16:10 (e.g. 1920x1200).

    My guess is, you then imported that 16:10 file in a 16:9 project, which meant adding bars on both sides.

    So, if you want only the top and bottom bars, set your project to a 16:10 ratio.

    What you can also do that will get rid of all black bars is, keep the 16:9 size for the project and increase the scale of your clip until the image fills the frame. Since both that image and the frame are 16:9, you should get rid of the bars without sacrificing any usefull pixel.

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    So I moved the corners of the video so that it fits the frame and now there arent any black bars anymore (when I clicked on it, it showed that there is something out of the frame tho) , but when I export it, it still has black bars.

    Ps: Sry Im very very very new to this xD

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    To be sure of what's happening to you, I need more info:

    - in the "Project" tab, what are the "Width", "Height" and "Aspect Ratio" set to?

    - in the "Edit" tab, "Media" pannel, right-clic on your original video, select "Properties". What are the "Aspect Ratio" and "Resolution"?

    - in the "Edit" tab, select your video on the timeline and have a look at the "Controls" pannel, "Transform" properties: what are the scales set to? (after you "moved the corners").

    - finally, in the "Export" tab, in the "Presets" pannel, right-clic on the preset you're using, select "Edit Preset" and look at "Dimensions", "Scale mode" and "Aspect Ratio".

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    Okay I tried my best to find the stuff: (Im sorry, I dont know so much about hitfilm yet)

    - In the Project tab,

    width: 1920 pixels

    height: 1080 pixels

    aspect ratio: Square Pixels (1.0)

    - In the Edit tab, under Media,

    my original footage is  Square Pixels (1.0) and the resolution 1440x900

    my  edited footage is Square Pixels (1.0) and the resolution 1920x1080

    - in the Edit tab, after selecting my footage, in the control pannel und transoform properties the sacles are

    my original footage:  133.3%

    my edited footage: 111.8%

    - for the preset:

    dimensions: 1920 1080

    scale mode "Keep Aspect Ratio"

    Aspect Ratio:  Square Pixels(1.0)

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    1440x900? Not 1440x1080? 

    This is an important question. 1920x1080 (or 1280x720 or 3840x2160) all have a "16:9" aspect ratio, which means 16 units wide by 9 units tall. If your source footage is truly 1440x900 with square pixels then the aspect ratio of the source footage is, as you said, 16:10

    16:10  will never cleanly fit into a 16:9 output - you'll end up with black bars on the sides no matter what (unless you're scaling up your source footage to fit the 16:9 frame but cutting off pixels from top and/or bottom). 

     Assuming you've loaded your 1440x900 footage into a 1920x1080 timeline, your edited footage should be scaled to 120% (1080/900=1.2) to vertically stretch your footage to fill frame (leaving black bars on the sides), or 133% (1920x1440=1.33) to horizontally strech to fill frame (leaving no bars, but cutting off top/bottom of source footage). 

    If your edited footage is scaled to 111% it won't fill either dimension of a 1920x1080 frame. 

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    From the numbers you gave, I don't see why you have black bars in your exported video!? Most probably, I didn't undesrtand what you are doing. Here's what I thought you were doing:

    - on a 1440x900 (16:10) display, you played a game that outputs as 16:9, so occupied 1440x810 pixels on your screen, hence two horizontal black bars of 900 - 810 = 90, and 90/2 = 45 pixels each.

    - you captured the whole screen (1440x900) and sent that into a FHD project (1920x1080).

    - once your clip on the Editor timeline, you increased its scale to 133%, hence fitting the 16:9 "game image" in your frame and cutting of the horizontal black bars.

    - You did whatever you wanted to do (placed some text in a composite shot, placed that or those comps above your main footage on the Editor timeline?) and exported with a 1920x1080 preset.

    If you did this, you'd have an exported video without black bars. But since you do have black bars, I think I must be wrong about what you are in fact doing.

    (There's one important thing I don't understand in your post with the numbers: what's your "edited footage"? If you scaled up your "origonal footage" to 133%, then THAT'S your "edited footage", at least that's how I understand. So, what is it that you call your "edited footage"?)

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    "1440x900? Not 1440x1080? "

    Yes, its 1440x900, i know its kinda unusual, but my monitor is a bit old, I guess.

    @ Cervier

    Edited Footage = Footage I already edited, I placed text in and stuff like that, then I exported it into 1920x1080 (used the YouTube 1080 HD preset) accidentally.

    Original Footage = Footage that I recorded, moved so that it fits into the frame and exported it.

     Honestly I dont know..  now I myself am confused what I did wrong. I solved it I believe, now I only have those cinematic looking black bars above and below, and thats okay. 

    I scaled up both things, but didnt set the preset to "ignore aspect ratio", at least that helped I think.

    Now I made a new preset with my monitor ratio(1440x900)  ,  and also one with 1920x1080, but im not sure if ill use that one, its not my monitors ratio.

    Soooo I dont know, its working, and Ill get a new 1920 x 1080 pixel monitor in some months so, then Ill see, if there are any other issues.


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