Can HitFilm Express Be Used For Serious Commercial Film Making?

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This question may appear ludicrous, but trust me...

I have a relatively average size film team, although rather early planning stages, but our cameras are under £300, equipment minimal, and actors willing to contribute without pay. Our budget is £3,000 (seriously) and we are looking to be the first to have a box office hit with a massively low budget (that's the ludicrous part). If that does not sound unbelievable enough, we only have 2 computers, both windows, and not enough budget for HitFilm Pro. 

We're not looking for a free copy or anything (you guys are nice, so) but cannot bother to scurry through the user agreement to be certain of this question, so we put it in a post (sorry).

Can we use two separately licence copies of HitFilm Express, and use it for box office film making, without breaking the End User licence Agreement?

*at this point I am dead embarrassed I even wrote this post


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