{ANSWERED} Do I have to pay Monthly If I activate Hit film?

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Hi, I was just using this program to edit and I really like it, but when I tried to export I noticed that you have to activate it. since I'm poor I can't really spend expensive editing software so yeah:/.


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    There is no monthly fee for any HitFilm product. HitFilm Express is free. All you need to do is activate it at no cost. You have the option of purchasing add-on packs, but it is not required.

    If you would like to purchase HitFilm Pro, you certainly may, but again, it is not required. I have been using the free version of HitFilm Express for several years and I have never paid a fee to use it.

    I hope this answers your question. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask!

  • Thanks, this certainly answered my question, thank you so much.

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    For future reference, this is a user forum, including mods (In other words, Forum moderators are not FXHOME staff, but are simple user volunteers). @FilmSensei happened to get back to you within about a half hour of your initial post because he 1) happened to be online and 2) is a really helpful guy. Just noting that posting again, asking for a response, two minutes after your initial post does come off as a little rude. :-)

    Otherwise, to expand on what Sensei wrote, double-check to make certain you've downloaded Hitfilm Express (free) and not the demo version of Hitfilm Pro (paid.) If your software isn't activated yet, your license code is tied to the email address you used to download the software, so, hopefully it's the same email you used to set up your forum account. Assuming that's true, if you click on the "Account" link at the top of this page you should find the activation codes for your software as well as the download links for the most current version of your software. Hitfilm is usually pretty good at activating itself the first time it's run, but sometimes it does glitch. In Hitfilm, look for the "File" menu at the top left of the interface, click that, then click the "Options" button. Look for the "Activations" tab where you should be able to input your activation code. This can also be used to deactivate Hitfilm if you ever need to uninstall for any reason, such as shifting to a new computer. You can also manage your activations on the Account page on this website.

    Good luck getting your Hitfilm activated. If you have any questions, please feel free to drop them in the forum. We're a helpful bunch. :-D We just sometimes need more than two minutes to get back to you. :-D Once you're up and running, check out the Official Hitfilm Youtube channel for hundreds of tutorials, as well as the Youtube channels for FilmSensei, Clever Tagline, Shiny Films, Film Empire and Hitfilm University. I'll also note that on the Hitfilm University channel, I have playlists set up for another two-dozen or so tutorial channels, so there's lots of explanation, examples and inspiration available online.

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    Does the content creator pack monthly paid to activate some add-ons

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    @zinouxs no. Add on packs are purchased in perpetuity. One-and-done.