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Its great to see so many of the features I've suggested over the past 2 years be implemented, just a shame that event photographers will not be able to take advantage of them till Imerge has the feature set PhotoKey had, i.e. hot folder import and export and the ability to set a unique setting for an image.

Do you have a roadmap for when these features are likely to be implemented? i.e. if I take advantage of the offer emailed to me (which expires mid October) am we likely to see them within the year or will we have to wait longer than that?


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    Hi @AlastairBell

    Unfortunately we cannot give you a roadmap. Building software requires a lot of research and development and sometimes features won't work out or take significantly more time than stated to implement. The industry is always changing so we sometimes have to change our priorities quickly and unexpectedly.

    Broadly speaking we are aiming to spend time addressing three major areas in equal parts:

    1. Performance improvements
    2. Bug fixes and compatibility
    3. New features

    We have a lot of features competing for time so letting us know what's important to you is useful. We can factor it in when prioritising. We have noted your interests.

  • AlastairBell
    AlastairBell Website User, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 28 Just Starting Out*

    Thanks @rikkiloades.

    I fully understand software development having been a software developer and tester for my previous career before entering the photography realms full time and having helped with the beta testing of photokey understand how you at least used to work at FXHome.

    With regards to the new features and factoring in what would be useful to users, perhaps giving us a voting area may help all parties?

    I'm sure you can understand the frustration of the event photography community that have been using photokey for years to see your new product not have those features that are vital to them and being so eager to use the new functionality that imerge supplies.

    I am more than happy to continue to offer advice and testing in the field on secondary computers as we did for you previously as things progress.


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