Playing with slow motion

I've been trying to figure out the best way to get smooth slow motion in Hitfilm. Tried the speed effect and time stretch but didn't like the results as it seemed to choppy. I finally adjusted the frame rate of the clips to match the time line and that seemed to do the trick. Slow motion like butter


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    Playback was stuttering for me - although I was also rendering something at the time I looked.

    Is your export frame rate is a whole multiple of your source material?

    If you're recording in 60fps, it's really 59.94 fps (unless it's a cheap Action Camera, where they're happy to break the 'standard'), so you set your Project and Export settings to 29.97fps for 50% speed slowmo.

    Same for 120fps, which is really 119.88fps, so 25% speed slowmo.

    Drag footage into the Media Bin, Right Click>Properties on a video clip, then untick the [ ] From File on the Frame rate and type in 29.97fps. Now when you drag those clips onto the timeline they're treated as 'slow motion' at the right speed and framerate and 50% longer.  Export at 29.97 fps.

    If you're using PAL, then it's 50fps/100fps>25fps.

    Edit: Never mind, played fine when rendering had stopped.

  • Thanks Palacono. That's the approach I took. 59.94 set to 23.976 in the properties of the clip. I'm not sure what the speed effect or time stretch is really good for if it makes the footage choppy anyway. I tried setting 59.94 to 50% for 29.97 and 40% speed to get 23.976 but neither looked good at all. 

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