Paintball with a lot of tracked VFX made with HitFilmPro + Mocha Pro + TitlerPro

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Here you can see a short paintball film with A LOT OF special effects, tracking, masking, compositing, etc.

All made in HitFilm Pro, Vegas Pro, Mocha Pro, Titler Pro + all additional graphics made in Corel.

Have a nice watch :)


  • Palacono
    Palacono Posts: 3,414 Enthusiast! :D I watched it again, pausing every few seconds, just to stop and see what was on the screen, as there was so much going on.

    For an intended single watch through, you could have got away with a lot fewer effects - if this was a TV game show for example, there would have been fewer, and a lot less text to read, which is harder to keep up with than icons - but to impress people and have them watch again (and again and again): they'll certainly remember it and so it works very well as an online advert.

    Lots of work. At each 'pause' I was going through each item on screen with "That was probably done with this method...oh, that's tricky because it went behind that person/obstacle...yikes!"

    Really nice work.

  • Gelqone
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    Thank you very much Palacono :)

    You are right - from the very beginning it was intended to be filled with a lot of graphics/effects so that it can't be seen in a single watch :)

    It has been 3 weeks of hard work to make it really done in every smallest detail.

    Best regards :)

  • IvanLobo
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    Really nice work,  it's almost like a real videogame. Outstanding!

  • CleverTagline
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    Awesome work! Oddly enough, the main thing that crossed my mind as the piece progressed was, "Why is nobody being hit?" :D

  • Gelqone
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    Thank you :)

    jsbarret: So that the fight could go on till the end ;) Only i got hit in one shot 

  • Andy001z
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    Wow a lot of work in this, there must of been a tone of roto work! Also my main thought was man he's running around with a camera filming while paint balls are flying around, #risky 

    Thought it was great, and the best vfx shot for me was the paint ball reload watching the balls fill up, great use of vfx.

    Well done for resisting the urge to put explosions in :)

  • Gelqone
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    edited September 2018

    Indeed, a loooot of masking and rotoscoping, I don't even count hours spent on it.

    In general every take was discussed so it wasn't risky at all (almost ;) ) I also got fully equipped with mask on my head so only camera could take a hard hit :) And as there were only two guys running around and in 80% shooting ahead thru the air, it wasn't hard to discuss and record each take :) And everything was cut in post so that it seems like a real fight (i hope with success).

    And about explosions - know what you mean, don't like them too :)

  • Andy001z
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    Yeah they have Thier place, and I think you liked it of nicely, certainly felt light loads of people.