How do I add SMPTE Color Bars to my project

Hi everyone. I am attempting to add SMPTE color bars to my projects but I don't see such an effect/plug-in for Hit Film. Is there a way to add SMPTE?


  • tddavis
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    @DoctorCreator I would just download an image of them and import that into Hitfilm unless I am missing what you are trying to do...:)

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    You'll have to download them from online.

    Bear in mind (and I get to say this because I worked in broadcast for 15 years) SMPTE bars used to be added to the beginning of a tape so a broadcast engineer could correct for any drift on that individual tape before going to air (and the tone would be laid in at -12 dB so that individual tape could have it's audio adjusted so it's -12 dB matched -12dB on the broadcast mixer.

    The other uses of SMPTE bars are for field calibration of a monitor or field calibration of a multi-cam setup to a switcher to match cameras with paintboxes.

    In 2018 there's basically no actual use for SMPTE color bars. If you want to add them, don't worry too much about whether or not they're "Accurate" color bars. Unless you're delievering a master on videotape to a broadcast network (you're not - it's 2018), then the only purpose of the bars are to look "cool" at the beginning of your project.

    Don't forget to add the 1kHz tone at -12dB over the bars.

  • DoctorCreator
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    Thank you.  BTW: I just saw these responses. Thanks for the responses, and have a great year.  

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