PC World Mega Store - NEW - gaming sales area (UK).

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Ok, why am I a) advertising a big electronics store in the UK and b) why gaming. Well we know Hitfilm loves using our GPUs and it seems gaming rigs are built with a lot of specs that make Hitfilm run better, and why the store, well I was very impressed with the amount of gaming tech they had on offer and the range of manufactures (no longer the dreaded PACKARD BELLS - yes I owned one). Plus in the days of buying everything online, it is actually really nice to see some hardware before you commit to buying it. The store I visited was in Swansea, Wales, UK and had a good range of top end to half decent desktops to laptops all specked for gaming (SSD, 8GB+ memory, 1 TB+ HD, NIVIDA 1050 min cards). And whats more they made it look like a sexy gaming area so geeks like us can blend in and feel right at home (who am I kidding, I own a flipping Allotment these days!!)

Apparently this is a NEW thing (unless you live in Central London where the Tottenham Court road store is), well as a PC World customer on and off for over 20 years it seems they have woken up to PC Gaming gear and the money involved, personally I think its a bit late to the party, but what do I know.

Anyway not sure if this a fixture spreading around the UK but might be worth ringing you nearest mega store and finding out, especially if you want to browse some gaming rigs or laptops and see all those pretty flashy lights... oohh so pretty and utterly useless!!

End of ramble.


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