Backup ( short film)

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Hello everyone!

I'm proud to share with this forum my first work as a director ( mainly so I also made many things on the film ). It was filmed in spanish but it has english captions so it can reach more people.

The rough edit was with Magix Video ( I prefer the workflow speaking of editing) but the rest of the work (minus audio) was done with Hitfilm pro , software I love.

Hope you like it.


Iván "Lobo"

Link on YT:



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    I added comments to the YouTube but a couple more here.

    I liked the story, the world was well created and the acting good. The subtitles need some improvement though not just for English but also remove the fig1, fig2... it brings me out of the world.

    I flinched when Mauro said "Tell me about" as I thought it would be a case of telling me the story rather than showing me. I might have had one of the characters tending to Mauro and the other gathering information from a screen or message so we learn what happened when <edit> they do.

    The framing of the scene at 01:59 was all a bit tight as well.

    Overall though a very good production which I enjoyed.

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    Thanks for your comments, I find them very useful.
    I know captions are far from be perfect, so I take your advices and modify them ASAP ( I have an slightly-over-the-average english but I'm not native :P )  expecially the 'Fig' one related XD . Also, one sentence was missed in translation  "Let's hope they aren't using 'hollows' " which appear between Mauro's sentences at the middle of the short.
    Thanks again for all your words, I'm glad you enjoy it . I hope can make more Backup based world stories int the future to come  ( with one character who didn't have to much time in this short, I'm working on a sketch ) .
    Best Regards!


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    Captions were modified so can be more affordable but feel free to remark if there is another failure which I can correct .

    Thank you again!