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Hey All!

I'm working on a project and found that a piece of the audio sounds distorted.  The clip in the trimmer sounds just fine, but when it's in the timeline and is exported, its audio is Crackly. 

Is there any way to fix this?


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    Hi Chris, sorry nobody ever replied to you...

    If you ever come back and read this, then the first thing to check is whether the peaks in the audio exceed 0 dBFS.

    If the audio plays okay in the editor software (HitFilm, etc.), then maybe you have the editor's monitoring volume turned down. ...or maybe your editing software automatically turns down the volume that is sent to your speakers in order to prevent the loudest peaks from distorting.

    However, unless your editor has some automatic normalization feature for exporting (which HitFilm does not, as far as I know), any audio peaks that exceed 0 dBFS will get clipped off (waveform looks like a series of mesas) upon export to the finalized file (MP4, etc.).

    To prevent clipping, you would need to lower the volume in HitFilm by exactly the amount that your peaks exceed 0, so that the very highest peak is between -3 and 0 dBFS. ...and then export.

    The best way to set the highest peak to the proper level is via an Audio Peak Normalization feature, which HitFilm unfortunately does not have. Peak Normalization is an effect that raises or lowers the volume of the audio so that the very highest peak hits exactly 0 dBFS (or whatever you choose). You can help pursuade the HitFilm developers to add this feature by UPVOTING the following feature request here in the forum:


    If your audio does not exceed 0 dBFS in the editor, then something else is going on. Maybe you have 2 or more audio tracks that combine to exceed 0 dBFS. Maybe some audio effect is enabled. Maybe something completely different.

    Best wishes!

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