Overlocking the intel core i7 7820x processor

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Is it possible to overlock (in a save way) the intel core i7 7820x processor?

Can I overclock safely, easily and reliably the processor?

Does Hitfilm benefit from an overclocked processor?

I really need help with this because I´ve never done overlocking...



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    In short, the i7 7820X can be overclocked.

    Hitfilm should benefit from overclocking as any software would benefit from a faster CPU. Hitfilm uses CPU mostly for Video decode (reading video files from drives), Video encode (writing video frames to drives) and Particle Sim Physics. If you work with a lot of VIDEO and not in pure animation, this will make a difference.

    "SAFELY" is always the issue. Note that the whole bit of overclocking more or less comes from a CPU maker pushing a chip until it breaks, then throttling it down for stable operation, then throttling it down a little bit more for headroom. How much one can overclock is going to vary, not only based on the type of processor (i7 7820x), but the individual processor off the line (i.e. THIS i7 7820x might overclock more than THAT i7 7820x). There's a certain amount of back and forth and testing with any overclock procedure. For certain, overclocking the CPU will generate more heat and will draw more power, so your thermal cooling and power supply will need to be set up for the extra heat and power draw. How much is enough? Again, it depends on the individual CPU.

    I suggest trying to work with someone experienced first time out. Chances of going way too far and burning out your machine are slim, but greater than zero. I'm not that person. I've almost never bothered to overclock anything, and the few times I have, I've ended up reverting to base clock. It's always been a pain to set up for dubious benefit.

    Note I DON'T overclock anymore, and my comments on CPU makers basically backing off clock from where a new CPU would fail is based on manufacturing processes from late 1990's, early 2000's. That said, I'm willing to bet they STILL create a chip, try to burn it out, then back off.... In fact, overclocking started out because, well, let's say we had chip A at speed X and chip B at speed X+Y. Chip A was really a chip B that failed quality control at speed X+Y and was throttled back for stability.

    EDIT: Chatting online on another topic with a buddy who is mch better at hardware than I. We both agree that overclocking a laptop is a bad idea. a mere 5-10% overclock can raise internal temps by a good 10C. This forces your fans to run at high all the time, shortening fan life before failure by a large margin. Desktops have more leeway. I think the i7 7820X is a desktop chip, right?

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    @Triem23; Thanks a lot for your comment!

    I am usually using hitfilm for video editing, color correction particle simulation e.t.c. But I think that I prefer maintaining my machine save, than trying to overlock the CPU. But...what about GPU overclocking? I saw some videos on youtube and it is much more simple that overlocking the CPU. Would that benefit hitfilm?

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    Again, anything that speeds up chip operation should, in theory, benefit your software, so, yes. Same caveats as with the CPU. You still end up drawing more power, you still end up creating more heat and you still usually end up having to go back and forth testing to find the optimum overclock speed.

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    @Triem23; Ok. Thanks!

    One more thing, is 16gb of ddr4 ram ok for running hitfilm?

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    More RAM is always better. These days I'd call 16 GB the minimum for video. Especially if one is doing 4K.

    One thing about RAM. The more RAM you have the more RAM Preview length. RAM Preview is based on UNCOMPRESSED footage data, which , for 4k @24fps is a GIGABYTE+ per second. or, roughly 6 seconds of RAM preview per gig of RAM allocated for the RAM preview.

    Now, Windows is eating up 2GB or so of RAM as soon as you turn your machine on. Hitfilm itself is eating another third of a gig or so just being open and idle. Assuming you give yourself a "mere" 4GB of RAM Preview (Hitfilm defaults to 25% of RAM, I think) then you have about 9.5 GB left for Hitfilm. Well, just for fun I dragged in a folder full of videos. Only about 18GB of files from mixed cameras. While Hitfilm was loading the files and conforming audio for the Smartphone videos, Hitfilm shot up to 2.5GB of RAM used then settled down to 600 MB once that was done. I'm probably getting too rambling here, but my point is that video editing is really intensive work. 18GB of files isn't THAT much...  About an hour-20 min. For a Wedding I'd usually end up with 12 hours or so of RAW footage...

    Point being 16 GB is good enough. now 8GB? Ok, Windows eats 2GB, RAM Preview of (say) 2GB leaves 4GB left. Just dragging in that footage shot Hitfilm RAM use up to 2GB for a few minutes. Not as much overhead.

    I have 64 GB in my machine, but allocate 16 GB to Hitfilm RAM preview and I have my photo editing software and Vegas Pro each set up to claim 16 GB RAM. This leaves me maybe 10 GB of RAM for Hitfilm once other software and OD is accounted for. In my case the 64 GB is to help multitasking?

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    @Triem23; And would 32Gb be ok for hitfilm? I also think that you did not consider the "background apps" running on a computer consuming RAM... (Example: Antivirus software, Nvidia Geforce experience, update services e.t.c)  Is is better to have 48Gb of ddr3 1333Mhz ram or to have 32 or 16Gb of ddr4 3666 (in OC mode)  RAM?

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    Also, is it better to have 64Gb ddr3 or 32-48 ddr4?

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    In depth comparisons on RAM types are beyond my areas of expertise. I'll tag in @NormanPCN @Aladdin4D and @Stargazer54. Those three are the true hardware experts. In general I'd think 32GB is more than enough for a solid editing experience and 32GB of faster RAM would be preferable to 64GB of slower RAM, but I defer to the others on this question.

    (You're right, I didn't consider background apps... But those will vary for each user, so I can only say those are sitting there eating RAM).

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    @4KMAX 32 GB of DDR4 should do you fine.   I have 32 GB on my box and have had Photoshop, HF, Lightwave and MS Office running at the same time with no issues.  Again the meat of your system (if you are tuning for HF) is the GPU.   Definitely recommend SSD for the OS.

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