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So guys, i am recording videos for youtube, i accidentally recorded the voice of a video on youtube that was opened.. Is there a way to remove only the voice of this guy with hitfilm or any other program? The video i recorded is really long and really don't want to record it all over again.


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    Could you provide some more detail?

    It's gonna be very time consuming to remove only the voice. 

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    Record that voice again on its own, in the same way you recorded it as part of your other video.  Make sure you have just the voice with as little background noise as possible. Take this recording and your main one into Audacity. Put the solo voice on its own track, and carefully line it up with the part in your main video where you hear this same voice. Invert the phase on the solo voice track (I don't use Audacity any more, but I know this feature is in there. I just can't remember its exact name) and it should cancel out the voice from your main video.

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    Bear in mind if YOU are talking at the same time as the voice on the Youtube video the technique @jsbarrett is talking about is basically using an EQ on steroids. Your voice will be affected by the removal.

    In general it is almost impossible to remove a single element (like a specific voice) from a full mix without causing major damage to the rest of the audio. Other than getting into very specific plug-ins for dedicated DAWS the only program I can think of designed for this sort of audio isolation is Spectralayers, and that's $400.

    Honestly, if it's your voiceover, you're better off re-recording yourself.

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    Yeah i guess i'll just record all over again.. Thanks guys.


    One more thing, is it possible to split a video in half and get both files at the same time or you have to cut+delete half+ save twice to get both videos?

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    You can get both files at once without deleting.  If you're using HitFilm, drop the video into the timeline and mark in and out points, then send that marked section to the queue.  Go to your Out position and mark that as the new In position, and the end as the new Out. Send that to the export queue.  Go to the queue, tweak the export options as needed for both parts, and start exporting.

    The same would work in other software that can do In-Out marking. I do this in MPEG Streamclip when splitting and transcoding screen captures for editing. Each section gets marked and added to the batch queue, then the batch process is started and all marked chunks get exported appropriately.

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    What you really need for your audio problem is a spectral editor like Izotope Rx or Magix SpectraLayers Pro. They have paint like tools to erase or clone stamp over unwanted sounds. They are expensive, but there's free trials too. Here's one on Rx removing a cell phone ringing.

    This one is for Spectralayers removing the sounds of seagulls and some clicks from and ambient sound recording.

    I did a Google search to see if there was anything new and cheap out there and found ISSE: An Interactive Source Separation Editor. This is somebody's thesis project and it's open source. It doesn't look like it's been updated since its release years ago so it's still in an alpha stage but it looks impressive!