Is HitFilm For Me?

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Hey guys,
So I was just told about this product and I've been reading up with great interest. However I still remain sceptical as I've never really heard the name thrown around much plus I see constant mentions of Sony Vegas 'linking' which is leading me to think they are complimenting each other rather than this being a replacement. 
Being a Sony Vegas user for years, albeit on an amateur level as I was given a version through my work - So I didn't have a significant investment in it. Sony Vegas was so easy to use right off the bat and everything seems fairly intuitive - I dabbled with Adobe products which I just find too complex and requires way, way too many tutorials to get a basic grasp of.  
However Vegas also has its downsides, for me personally as I've seen so many crashes. Massive stability issues and once or twice it has set me back up to an hour due to crashes which is far from optimal. So I've been looking for an easy, powerful replacement that isn't just a mom'N'pops home editing suite. Plus Sony Vegas is downright terrible at handling 4K. 
So in essence; Will HitFilm 2 ( Ultimate in this case ) replace Sony Vegas for all basic video editing needs and how does HitFilm compare roughly in ease-of-use in comparison? Anything I need to be aware of? 
Also, this is just a silly side-question concerning an editing option. One thing that always annoyed me about Vegas was when doing slowmotion envelopes, basically a slowmotion that dynamically changes on a single clip, the audio wouldn't follow. It would just play normally during that slowmotion scene causing a ripple effect and causing everything to be out of sync. 
Is that feature available in HitFilm, just the dynamic slowmotion and if yes, is it able to sync up with the audio? 
Also, would it be wise to put any sort of investment into HitFilm 2 right now - Is HitFilm 3 around the corner and would that require buying it all over again? 
Okay, guess that's it - Thank you for reading and really appreciate any help =) 


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    Well Michael... Hitfilm 2 Express is still free for the time being.  So go get it and try it out.
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    Hitfilm Ultimate isn't a replacement for Sony Vegas.
    Hitfilm is primarily a compositor and effects generator. The linking with Vegas basically means you can send a video clip directly from your timeline to Hitfilm, and have Hitfilm project files go onto the Vegas timeline and be treated as media, similar to nesting vegas files on the timeline.
    The relationship between Hitfilm and Vegas is a bit like After Effects and Premiere.
    Hitfilm is a very easy program to learn for a vfx/compositor, but, as an editor, well. It's a functional editor, but it's audio mixing is lacking. If you've gotten used to the way Vegas does it's "hey, those clips overlap, that's a dissolve!" then it's going to take awhile to get used to the "two tracks of media and a ttransition track" approach of every other NLE.
    Yes, Hitfilm has a dynamic speed effect. No, I don't think it shifts audio. Also, to be honest, velocity envelopes are a lot easier and more flexible in Vegas (a rare case where a better effect is the Vegas one) than Hitfilm.
    Ultimately, MichaelJames is right. Take advantage of the free Express offer. The interface between Express and Ultimate is identical, and using Express will give you the experience to know if Ultimate is what you want. I think as an effects and compositing program, that happens to have basic editing, Hitfilm Ultimate is the best value on the market today, but it's NOT primarily an editor.
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    There is always a trail version, and the free version, Express, which Michael and Triem mentions above. As far as the features of Hitfilm, I will say this, I bought "Hitfilm Standard" (which was essentially Hitfilm 1 Express) back in the day for chroma key. To me, being a Vegas user, at the time, it was perfect. Vegas couldn't do an effective key to save it's life, but even difficult keys seemed to be easy with Fxhome products (like Hitfilm and Photokey if you are doing photography). For me it was worth the $150 purely to do chroma key and that was the only thing I used it for.
    To this day I have not used Hitfilm for anything other than chroma key work (which it is still king at, even as I've switched to Adobe). I don't know much about its other features, but I do know that it is not very strong in the way of nonlinear editing. It lacks a lot in the way of audio as well, so it would surprise me if it could do slow motion audio/video together.
    When it comes to Hitfilm 3, there has been no such thing announced, however if/when it is announced it will cost you to upgrade (normally a discounted upgrade fee). However normally FXhome (the parent company to Hitfilm) offers promotions to people who buy the older product within a month or so of the announcement of the new product. This is may be a free upgrade or some form of larger discount. (Of course I could be wrong, and I'm sure someone on the staff will be here shortly to correct me if I am so.)
    I think the biggest con to Hitfilm, and the thing that keeps me away from using it instead of After Effects, is codec support. I like that through After Effects/Premiere I can export to many different customizable codecs in various containers. For me this is a necessity. Just this past week I was exporting a two hour multicam project which I needed to get down to a specific file size. It had to be MPEG-2 and export a seperate video/audio stream. This meant manually changing the bitrate. At the end of the day, I found this to be most easily done with Adobe products.
    However, if I was ever to do any amount of special effects that required me to create particle effects, lighting effects, or 3d model work, I would use hitiflm in a heartbeat. I can't stand working with AE in this capacity. I am very limited in my AE knowledge, but fairly experienced with Hitfilm (as I used thier previous products). So to me, it is one of many tools I use.
    If what you do, your creative process, isn't hindered by the boundaries of Hitfilm, then use it. There is only one way to find out, test it for yourself.
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    You've already had some great feedback from a number of users, I see. 
    On top of what they have said, I would also implore you to download the free version of HitFilm 2 Express:
    You will be able to see whether the ease of use and workflow is suitable to you specifically, without having to spend a penny :)
    Be quick though - the promotion ends tomorrow and you won't be able to download it after then.