Recreating Stranger Things Intro - Using Masks with Images

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I am trying to recreate the intro for Stranger Things for a private project of mine.

I created the text for the logo in the intro using Photoshop to add the textures, and get the letters positions right.  I also made a shape that combined 2 letters into one shape.  What I'm trying to do is take the 2 letters letters get them to move into position with the 2 letters combine like how they work on the Stranger Things intro.  What I've tried to do was start with a composite shot, import the individual letters as layers, move the individual letters into position then use a mask on both ends of the individual letters to mask out the ends then switching to the combined letters shape.  But what happens when I use the scale option to get it to scale in, the mask moves away from the position I placed it.


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    I'm about to run to work, buy I'm going to tag @NxVisualStudio

    Tony (NxVisual) did this Stanger Things sequence, so I know he'll have advice. 

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    Well I've decided the change the font of the logo so I don't have to try to create the connecting letters.  I've got the base animations in.  How do I create the glows, and the lighter and darker areas of the text?