Error at Rendering Start

Dunexx Website User Posts: 1

Since this afternoon HitFilm Express has started giving me errors at the start of the rendering. After multiple attempts and restarts I reinstalled the program and it wens well for 1 video. Then I wanted to edit that video again by adding a segment and again error. this is very frustrating.

It worked fine earlier this week and the weeks before.

I'm using a Fujitsu Ultrabook

Intel Core i7-5600U 2.60GHz


Win 10 Pro 64

Please advice.


  • Rings67
    Rings67 Website User Posts: 1

    Hee Dunexx,

    The same problem here ! I have error 28 and the duratition time is not right in the render queue.

    The problem starts after the last update.

    Do you found the solution ??

    hope so