Where do you find good 3D assets?

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I've been trying to find a good source for 3D assets that are compatible with HitFilm.
I was pointed to Sketchfab a while back but I've yet to find a 3D asset there that is in a format that HitFilm can see when I try to import a 3D model.
My latest attempt was a futuristic desk that says it was a .obj but when I unzip it and then try to import, HitFilm can't see a thing in the folders.  Granted it was a free asset so as the saying goes you get what you pay for but the paid assets haven't been in any format that is compatible with HF thus far.

So as the title asks, where do you guys find good 3D assets that are compatible with HF?


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    @ScottReid Me again... :)  I have several model sites bookmarked for such searches.  Renderosity, Turbo Squid, BlenderSwap all have both free and various cost.  I'd bet if you typed any one of those into goggle you'd also get related sites I can't recall off the top of my head.

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    I gave up on 3D for this reason.  The field is not mature enough to have reliable data transfer standards, so it seems most files don't work in most software most of the time.   The only solution I can suggest is to look for "all in one" environments.  As example, if you bought 3D files from DAZ and used them in DAZ software, presumably that would work.  If you try to take a 3D file from one place and use it some other place, problems are to be expected.

    The problem is the 3D industry as a whole, not any particular vendor.  The industry is immature, and many of those working in that industry are themselves too immature to get that.

    I don't see any way Hitfilm coders could solve this other than invest a ridiculous amount of time trying to accommodate an endless number of possible file configurations.  Their time is likely better spent elsewhere.

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    Scott - I don't use sketch fab models at all l but a did a quick test on a  few desks for my own curiosity  ...a  .obj futuristic desk and a  .3ds office desk. Both seemed to import fine...although the creator(s) materials are for yuck. At times you might find an obj that doesn't import correctly...... at that point you might try Autodesk's FBX converter and convert the .obj to  .fbx. This seems to work from time to time.


    Pay no mind to the naysayers of 3D modeling assets  - most are looking for something you just add water to and your done thing . Doesn't exsist nor will it .     ..............  As for "good 3D assets"  - a subjective term to be sure but I personally use 2 sources that @tddavis mentioned, Turbosquid - which will convert any paid model into a working format for your need, Blenderswap being the other...a little tougher to export entire models from Blender if you are not familiar with the process but is doable for sure. Also makers of Element 3D model packs usually include obj files for use but you have to read/ask questions before you buy.

    One thing to remember (I'm sure you realize it already)...Hitfilm's 3D module is just a basic importer kind of like MotionVFX's mObject (Motion 5/FCPX). I wish it was a bit a lot more like Element 3D - but one can only dream.

    Good 3D'n!

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    Agree with the comment above me. 

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    I mess around with Daz 3D and their shop has a lot of sometimes reasonably priced 3D assets.  I know you can take your scene and render into a hitfilm compatible file, i'm less sure about how to move the textures over.   Daz 3D the base program is free though, so you could try and create a figure in there and see about exporting it.