Festival teaser for my newest short film "The Evening Red"

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It's weird, I posted the first short film I ever made to the Fxhome forums about 9 years ago, a terrible Indiana Jones fan film that I forced friends to participate in so I thought I'd come full circle with the teaser for my last short film before moving to new york and what have you.
A lot of the old fxhome community really inspired me and helped me become a better filmmaker, I remember seeing Swinton's "Mr. Fox" and having my **** mind blown. It completely changed how I approached filmmaking. Anyways I'm rambling and being nostalgic heres the teaser! 
EDIT: Should probably put a synopsis or something haha. The film is about a brother and sister living in a 3rd world America. As the film progresses the sister becomes more uneased by her brother's violent impulses while having to face her own violent tendencies. It's essentially an art-house exploitation film
and for those who would like to see the awesomeness of my first filmmaking try, you can watch "Indiana Jones and the Orb of Souls" here: https://archive.org/details/RebornStudiosIndianaJonesandtheOrbofSouls   Look at that HD quality!


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    Nice to see an old FXHOME-r back again.
    Glad you put the synopsis there - was wondering who the girl was at the end :) The teaser is really intriguing and I like the aesthetic feel of the surrounding forest - especially the scene where they're standing off against each other - that's a really lovely set up.
    Is the full short in black and white as well? 
    At the moment it feels very dreamy and mysterious - I think seeing the blood etc. in stark colour might be a little too much contrast, but that's just my opinion :)
    I checked out the awesomeness of your first filmmaking try - and it was pretty awesome. You can see the huge jumps you've taken to making The Evening Red - your filmmaking style is much more sophisticated and the whole set up feels more mature. I like the fact that the camera in The Evening Red is stationary as well - The Indiana Jones one made for a great watch, but I did feel a little seasick after trying to follow the camera movements at some point!
    I look forward to seeing the whole short. 
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    I'm intrigued.
  • doppelganger
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    The film is completely in black and white simply because it looked better that way and there's some nice irony considering "Red" is in the title. I'm glad it comes across dreamy/mysterious too, it's supposed to seem like a weird fever dream that drifts in and out. 
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